Happy New Year to all FLOGA-ites all around the word!

For most people, the turn of the year is usually a time for ‘New year Resolutions’. Rather than the usual, perhaps it is best to see the New Year as a time for ‘Re-Commitment’ . Let us recommit ourselves to the dreams, activities, and values we deem essential to our well-being and our well-doing.

In 2012, FLOGA’s main goal was to raise funds to support our Kitchen Project. We did our best and in the end, we raised a total of =N=400,000.00 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira Only) which has been presented to the school.

2013 is a special year indeed. Exactly 30years ago, the first set of old girls graduated from FGGC Langtang. There have been 29 other graduations since then. We should therefore strive to make this year count.

I believe that working collaboratively for a common cause or mission is at the heart of any great personal or professional achievement, and certainly it is no different when we contemplate the work we all do in service to to our Alma Mater and FLOGA.

As with every new year, there will be challenges. Yet in all this, let us also remember to view our blessed lives knowing that in adversity is always opportunity; to measure and value our glasses as half full rather than half empty.

Let us pray to  God to strengthen our faith and resolve in meeting these challenges and in leveraging our opportunities.

Truth is, no one person can do it alone. FLOGA is very fortunate to have many passionate and dedicated stakeholders – like you  – you invest their time, talents and resources in the future viability of FLOGA.

By working together, let us be all the more aware that in numbers we share the power to move mountains.We can help support our School, FGGC Langtang to lead future generations through education towards progress in our country and wherever we go.

We can also help FLOGA rise up out of obscurity to take her place in the comity of Alumni Associations in Nigeria and beyond.

Thank you for your commitment, loyalty and love for FGGC Langtang. I wish and your family a blessed and prosperous New Year.