Down Memory Lane…..Funding Our Project.

Langtang Girls, Please take a brief walk with me down memory lane.

In your days in Langtang, do you remember where your dining hall was? For those who dined at the old site, it was at the end of that road, lined with Nim(Dogonyaro) trees leading from the New Site Classroom Area. It was not far from the Principal’s house and the building in front of it was the old Tuck Shop. It was a long hall with rows of tables on both sides and you could stand at one end of the hall and see right down to the other end. We often used this hall for ‘Social Night’ on Saturdays and F.C.S on Sundays. Remember?

For those who dined in the new site (94 set and above), it was just across the road from the classroom area towards the beginning of that same road lined with Nim(Dogonyaro) trees. It was much more modern than the old dining hall with sections and several stores. Adjacent to it was the new Tuck Shop. Behind it towards the Hostel Area was Palace Hostel. Remember?

Now, regardless of which dining hall you are familiar with, can you at all remember the kitchens? Can you remember the cooks, slaving away over huge pots in a smoke filled kitchen with huge tree trunks used as firewood?

The kitchen next to the old dining hall has since been demolished and a makeshift one was built adjacent to the new dining hall. That makeshift kitchen has been all the kitchen there is till date. It is in a totally deplorable condition with the walls crumbling! Our Alma Mater deserves better. Those young girls we left behind deserve better.

Some of us have seen these pictures before. Just in case you haven’t seen them or you would like to see them again, please go here and here. Seeing these pictures should very nearly bring tears to the eyes of everyone who ever passed through that school. And beyond the tears, they should spur you to action. This is the opportunity to do something about it. Now is the time to act!

After the reunion, we agreed at a meeting in Lagos that every Langtang Old Girl should contribute the sum of =N=20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira) only towards building a new kitchen for the school at the cost of =N=5.6million.

The time has come for us to start gathering these monies.

We hereby enjoin everyone to help in raising funds for this laudable project. Our target is to raise =N=3million Naira by September 2012.

Please pay your contribution (installment payments are also allowed) in the following accounts:

Account name: FLOGA Lagos 

Bank: Daimond Bank

Account number: 0021362988

Account Name: Fed Langtang Old Girls Association Abuja

Diamond Bank

Account number: 0021935979