After several months of planning and campaigning, the maiden edition of the National Reunion of FGGC Langtang Old Girl’s Association (FLOGA) was held on Saturday, 3rd September 2011 at The Haven, 6A Lasale Street off Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama, Abuja.

The program was split in two parts – The Breakfast Session and The Fundraising Dinner/Gala Night.

The breakfast session was was held at the Riverplate Park (Durban Community Family Park) along Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse II, Abuja. The meeting started at about 10am and it mostly involved everyone getting re-acquainted with one another after having not seen one another for several years.

Starting from the earliest graduating set present – 1984, to the latest graduating set present – 2006, each person was expected to address everyone. They were to introduce themselves and share tid bits about their lives in Langtang back then and their lives now. It was interesting and so much fun. There was more than enough laughter and joy to go around. In all, there were 45 girls present for the Breakfast Session which ended around 12noon.

The evening  session kicked off at about 8pm (the commencement of the program was delayed for a few hours as the organizing committee tried to sort out a few issues). The MC for the event – Ladi Gillian Akpa (90) – welcomed everyone and invited Gloria Kachiro (86) to give the opening speech. Umma Suleiman (92) thereafter was invited to say the opening prayers.

In honor of all our dear sisters, former teachers and former principals who have passed on, everyone present stood up for one minute’s silence. Three former Principals have so far passed on – Mrs Rohda Akpa, Mrs F.N Longs and Mrs Rotshak. May their souls rest in peace.

The School’s Anthem was sung, led by miss Vanessa Muda (’03). The Anthem was composed by Mr Kenine in 1994, he was then the Ag Vice Principal Acad.

The Taroh Dance Troupe thrilled the guests to  some energetic dance moves and acrobatic performances, filling the air with sounds of good old Taroh Music.

The Principal of FGGC Langtang, who was kind enough to honour us with her presence at the event, was called upon to to give her speech. Her speech is an attachment to this report. She was positively delighted that such an event should be taking place during her tenure saying that it was indeed an answer to prayer. She expressed hope in FLOGA and prayed that we would grow to become a formidable Alumni to be reckoned with Nationwide.

After the Principal’s speech, a Representative from Unity Schools’ Old Student’s Association (USOSA),  Mr S. I. A Mustafa, the Director for Research and Government Liaison at USOSA, proceeded to address the attendees.

He gave a brief history of how USOSA came to be, sharing some of the Association’s challenges and triumphs. He urged FLOGA to find her place within the USOSA framework in order to function effectively as well as reap the benefits of being active members of USOSA.

The Chapter Presidents of Abuja (Fati Murtala Ibrahim – 91), Jos (Represented by Gwamkat Lar – 2002), Lagos (Represented by Nkiruka Pedro-Iyalla  – 95) and Port Harcourt (Vivian Ozoekwe – 91) were called upon to speak briefly on the activities of their various Chapters – challenges they have faced and their plans for progress. Kaduna Chapter had no representative. It was generally noted that all the existing chapters needed to begin to function properly by first of all holding an election (if none has been held already). The USOSA Constitution which is beeing adapted by Lagos Chapter for the FLOGA National body, is to be sent out to all chapters and everyone is to be bound by the rules and regulations set forth therein. FLOGA is to have National officers to help coordinate her activities on the national level. Modalities for this election were not discussed at the event.

At the end of the speech giving, the Business Meeting kicked off. It was chaired by Opeyemi Abebe – 92 with Nkiruka Pedro-Iyalla – 95 as her assistant.

A PowerPoint presentation showing pictures of the current state of the some of the school’s infrastructure was shown. Of particular interest was the totally dilapidated kitchen building which looked like its already crumbling walls were made of mere clay blocks.

Nkiruka proceeded to explain to everyone that discussions had already taken place earlier in the year and a possible project identified which is, building a new kitchen for the school. Nkechi Kwalmi – 91 who is an architect came up with a design for the new kitchen and the Bill of Materials (BOM) required to construct it bringing the total cost to =N=6.5 Million Naira.

Powerponit presentations of the Architectural Drawings and Model Pictures were also shown.

(These pictures and drawings are attached to this report.)

Since building the kitchen was our idea of helping the school, we wanted to hear from the Principal herself if there was any other more pressing issue that needed attention.

After commending our efforts, the Principal agreed that indeed the kitchen was in very poor state and it was included in her budget proposal for the year. However, only =N=2 Million Naira was provided for the project. In her opinion, that money would only be enough to build the foundation for the new kitchen and nothing else. She intends to make the same request in her budget proposal for next year with the hopes of getting more funds for the project.

The Principal also pointed out that the school did not have a Library. The building which houses what they now call the Library is part of the Admin Block and the structure is so dilapidated that it would be more cost ef fective to tear down the building than to attempt to renovate it. There are barely any books for the students to read in the library and hardly any standard furniture.

The floor was theafter opened for comments and contributions on what needs to be done. At the end of the discussions, it was agreed that we should go ahead with the kitchen project since changing plans at that point would be tantamount to a total rework of plans and designs. We were advised not to be overly ambitious but to take on projects that we can actually deliver on. It was also agreed that the project would be undertaken together as the National body of FLOGA.

Even though modalities for actual fundraising were not discussed during the Business Meeting, it was the general consensus that every old girl should contribute their financial resources towards this noble goal.

The business meeting was concluded and an American Auction was held for a mystery item. Uduak Oludemi – 92 chaired that aspect of the program with Chijindu Onyenkwere – 93 and Susan Kure – 94 assisting her. It was so much fun as everyone bidded competitively in order to ensure that they went home with the mystery item. Susan Kure was the proud winner of the precious mystery item.

In all, a total of =N=318, 500.00 was realised at the auction with =N= 38, 800 realised in cash. Bidders are still remitting the outstanding monies.

The reunion cake (made by Angela Iyere – 91) was cut by the Principal in the company of the school teachers in attendance and one representative each from all the graduating sets present. Everyone broke into song as the DJ played the background music “We are the World” by Micheal Jackson. It was touching indeed. We were re-echoing the ageless words of that song  – “…We are the ones to make a better day , so let’s start giving…”

We were all somehow re-affirming in our hearts the fact that the change must start with each one of us and we must give sacrificially to make that change happen.

After the cutting of the cake, a presentation was made to the Principal on behalf of FLOGA – Clinic supplies worth about =N=100,000.00. The Principal was elated, thanking everyone for their generousity and thoughtfulness. According to her, we were ensuring that she did not go back to the school empty handed.

After the presentation, it was dance, dance, dance! As the DJ thrilled everyone to hits of yesterday and today. It felt like “Saturday Social Night” all over again. It was indeed a time to “Bring back the good old days!”

The blue carpet which should have taken place earlier also took place at the end of the event. There were pictures, interviews and general paparazzi.

Most of the guests started dispersing at about 10.30pm.

It was a successful outing indeed and our profuse thanks go out to everyone who made this possible.

God bless you.

Some existing structures in the school

Architectural Drawings for the Proposed New Kitchen

3D Model Rendering of the Kitchen after completion

Reunion Balance Sheets



2 thoughts on “FLOGA REUNION 2011 – THE FULL REPORT

  1. This is a true reflection of what took place that day. Well done, Nkiru! May God give FLOGA the heart to implement this noble course!

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