The Birth of FLOGA Lagos!

I personally looked forward to Saturday, February the 5th with great expectation. The day dawned bright and fair as though privy to fact that there was to be a meeting of Langtang Old Girls living in Lagos later on that day. A unique meeting indeed because for the first time, it would involve old girls from several sets.

The venue of the meeting was OceanView Restaurants Victoria Island Lagos. The conveners of the meeting were able to secure a vantage area within the Coral Snack bar where a table seating 30 people was set up. The setting looked so chic!

You could almost cut the excitement in the air with a knife. Every few minutes there were  excited screams and giggles as one by one Langtang Old Girls made their way to the table. It was so much fun to watch as several old girls who hadn’t seen each other in years, locked their arms in  warm embrace that said “It’s so good to see you again!”

Even though the meeting was billed to start at 12noon, it officially kicked off at 1.15pm. A welcome address was given by Helen Ntukidem(Olowo) and everyone proceeded to introduce themselves afterwards.

Nkiruka Pedro-Iyalla(Ohale) gave a brief summary of all the activities that had taken place so far with respect to planning our reunion. She mentioned that a planning committee had been constituted and following several online polls, Abuja was chosen as  the location for the event and a  tentative date was set for the 20th of August 2011.

She pointed out that up until then, only two chapters of FLOGA (Federal Langtang Old Girls’ Association) were functional – Jos and Abuja and she had so far tried to liaise with the executives of the two chapters.

The issue of fund raising was of utmost importance as the reunion would not be successful if not properly funded.

Eme Aderinokun insisted that we would have to look inwards and raise funds first before seeking for sponsorship from external bodies.

After much deliberation, it was agreed that the Lagos Chapter of FLOGA needed to be instituted and only then can discussions concerning the reunion proceed. Amidst loud rounds of applause, FLOGA Lagos was born and executives were nominated and appointed.

  1. President – Angela Iyere
  2. Vice President – Niniola Are Balogun
  3. Secretary – Nkiruka Pedro-Iyalla
  4. Treasurer – Chijindu Onyenkwere
  5. Financial Secretary – Lilian Garba
  6. Public Relations Office/Provost – Uduak Oludemi
  7. Welfare Officer – Uchechi Odum Udeagha
  8. Social/Entertainment Officer – Taiwo Seriki
  9. Consultant  – Ngozi Oguguah

A monthly due of =N=1,000.00 was stipulated and backdated to January, 2011. A total of =N=12,000.00 per annum.

Meetings are to hold every two months until the reunion and every three months thereafter. There were several volunteers who offered to host us at the next meeting which was fixed for Saturday the 16th of April 2011.

Many others also volunteered to come with food, drinks and an assortment of edibles for the next meeting. Already, that meeting promises to be wow! If you missed the last one, you cannot afford to miss this one. Tell others about it and plan to make it there yourself.

The following people were present at that meeting.

1 Sope Aderogba 83
2 Anaga Ada Ethel 85
3 Abiola Awote 86
4 Ngozi Oguguah 88
5 Helen Olowo 88
6 Uchechi Odum-Udeagha 89
7 Busola Abimbola 89
8 Maureen Udom 89
9 Okongwu Winifred 89
10 Niniola Balogun-Are 90
11 Eme Aderinokun 90
12 Angela Iyere 90
13 Uduak Oludemi 91
14 Ebele Mogor(Angela) 91
15 Ngozika Dike 91
16 Ifeanacho Chinwemma 91
17 Taiwo Seriki 92
18 Azeez Adebike 92
19 Temitayo Osunleyi 93
20 Sade Adugbe 93
21 Chijindu Onyenkwere 93
22 Ikeoluwapo ErinOluwa 93
23 Amina Ashiru 94
24 Eno Iziyon 94
25 Lilian Garba 94
26 Onuoha Judith O. 95
27 Madu Ifeoma 95
28 Kwakfut Sedang 95
29 Nkiruka Pedro-Iyalla 95
30 Ahyeno Tanyishi 98
31 Hauwa Pantuvo 99
32 Akwitti Nwadiuto 00
33 Iruoma Ohale 02

Details of the next meeting shall be announced in due course.

Wherever you are, let’s help take FLOGA to greater heights!