The planning of the FLOGA reunion 2011 is well under way and to kick start events, a meeting of the Planning Committee is being proposed to hold via Conference call on Saturday the 18th of December 2010 by 6.00pm.

This document presents to the team a tentative Agenda for that meeting. Please feel free to add anything you feel we shall need to discuss at this early stage being the very first meeting of the planning committee.

–        Introductions – Name, Graduating Set, Location, What you do, married? etc

–        Poll Results – Final decision on location for reunion; Pick tentative date for the event.

–        The venue for the event – Where exactly will this hold? Do we need to book it in advance?

–        Preliminary budget – Proposals requested for the following areas to give us an idea how much this is likely going to cost.

  • Food and Beverage – (What number of guests is safe to start with at this stage?)
  • Decoration of the hall
  • Photography and videography
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Publicity and Media – (Reunion Website, Facebook Advert, Radio, TV, Newspapers and Magazines)
  • Nametags/Registrations
  • Souvenirs
  • Year/Memory books?

NB: We are not expected to bring these proposals to that meeting. We shall only be delegating the task of coming up with these proposals to be submitted at an agreed date.

–        Basic Sketch of the event itself – One day? Two days? Formal? Informal? Involving the school – principal, old teachers? Involving the government? Giving awards? Presenting any gift to the school? etc

–        Brain storm ideas for raising funds – Do we need a bank account? How do we go about it?

–        Set date for next meeting and subsequent modes of communication.

–        A.O.B

The following people are expected to be at that meeting –

  1. Juliet Okoloko                              – Venue manager, Food & Beverages
  2. Gyem bot                                      – Photography
  3. Dieprebi Aladeh                           – Souvenirs & Name Tags
  4. Nwadiuto Akwitti                        – Souvenirs & Name Tags; Classmate locator 2000 set
  5. Irene Akhideno                            – Publicity
  6. Anuoluwa Raji                              – Event Planning
  7. Juliet Imarhiagbe                        – Classmate locator 95 set
  8. Nkiruka Pedro-Iyalla                  – Planning Coordinator
  9. Chijindu Onyenkwere                  – Planning
  10. Anne Binjin                                    – Planning
  11. Fati Sani                                         – Planning

The list shall be updated as we go along.

I would like to appreciate us all for volunteering. Looking forward to working with us all!

Thank you.

Pedro-Iyalla Nkiruka

Planning Coordinator



A Series of Firsts….

First Day of School!

The only thing I cared about on the Admission Letter was the fact that it had my name on it and I was finally getting to go away from home to start Secondary School! The only thing that is, until I saw the crestfallen look on my mother’s face when she took the Letter from me and read it.

I knew at once that there was trouble and this was reinforced by the hush tones my parents spoke in later that evening after the dinner dishes had been cleared from the table. They often did that, I mean speak in low tones,  when there was a grave issue to be discussed without adding the complication of being overheard by inquisitive children.

It was obvious that they had had an impasse the previous night because mommy wasn’t her usual smiling self when she served my father’s breakfast the next morning. It wasn’t long before I found out what the issue was. Mommy had insisted that I was not to be allowed to go to…

“L-l-angitangi”…. but daddy had insisted that I would.

She thought it was too far away and besides who had ever heard of a place called Langitangi?

“Langtang”, my father had corrected her. “And it’s a town in Plateau state. We could always send someone over there to find out where exactly it is and the best way to get there”

My father had spoken and he always had the last word when it concerned important decisions such as his children’s education.

The very next day, my uncle James was summoned and plans were quickly concluded for him to make the trip to my would-be school. He was back in two days and this was his report.

  1. It is quicker to go by air to Jos (Nigeria Airways was the main Airline then).
  2. Langtang is a three-hour drive from Jos.
  3. The route is winding but pliable.
  4. The school is easy to locate.

That was all my father needed and in a few short weeks, I was good to go!

Boy! Was I excited! I was finally getting to go away to school!

For the first time, I would be leaving Lagos and traveling to another state in Nigeria apart from my home state. For the First time, I had my very own Echolac Box! For the first time, I had a whole tin of Milo and another tin of Dano Milk to myself! This is not to even mention all the packs of biscuits and cereal. For the first time I was going to be on my own without the comforting presence of my parents. This didn’t sound too bad at first because at 10years of age, I felt I had rather grown up! Yeah right! you could say that again! 🙂

But that very first trip to Langtang changed my life in many ways and helped to shape me into the woman I have become.

This blog will serve as a platform for all Langtang girls to share their stories of life in F.G.G.C Langtang in those days. The things that make you smile or even cry when you remember your days in school. the things and events that helped shape you and form your perceptions and perspectives in life.

We shall also be sharing updates with regards to the planning of our Reunion.

You are Welcome to FLOGA 2011!